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 Solar Power, Battery Energy Storage, Electric Vehicle Charging, Hot Water Heating, Home Automation & Performance Monitoring

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Solar Power, Load Profile Analysis, Performance Monitoring, Public Display Systems & Operations and Maintenance

Solar Power Systems in the Lower Northland area, Auckland, and Upper Waikato

We understand that every household and business is different, so requires a tailored solar energy solution. We discuss our clients’ requirements and provide a detailed Energy Management Solution to meet their needs.

  • No Hidden Costs
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Customised Systems
  • Experienced Team
  • Complete approach – Solar, Hot Water, Battery Storage, EV Charging

Solar power systems are a fantastic investment, wherever you are in New Zealand. For a start, your electricity bills will reduce, plus you will be protected from fluctuations in electricity prices. In addition, you will help the environment as solar is an effective renewable energy source.

Solar Power for Business

We offer the best solar panel, battery, and inverter products, with installation available from the Lower Northland area to Upper Waikato. We’ll develop a customised solution for your home or business, so contact us today.

Our Process

MyGeneration - Tailored Solar Solutions


A site visit to determine suitability and discuss your energy usage


Design a solution and proposal based on your requirements


Installation with qualified and experienced tradespeople

After Sales Service

Remote monitoring with system performance evaluation


Solar Energy Lower Northland, Auckland, & Upper Waikato

  • Great investment through reduced electricity bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting traditional power generation
  • Protection from continually rising electricity prices
  • Reliable, no moving parts and virtually maintenance free
  • Enjoy independence from the grid
  • Excess solar power can further increase savings by selling to the electricity network, stored in batteries or diverted to EV Car charging or Hot water cylinders


Buy High Quality Solar Panels & Equipment in the Lower Northland area, Auckland, & Upper Waikato

  • We only use high-quality and trusted solar panel and inverter products that have a proven track record in NZ
  • Individual service, home consultation to access the suitability of installing solar based on household circumstances
  • Experienced Installers with a lifetime workmanship warranty
  • No hidden costs
  • Detailed data monitoring and periodic performance evaluation
  • Hybrid inverters with battery connectivity and consumption monitoring for a future-proofed system
  • 25-year performance warranty on solar panels installed by us in NZ homes
  • 10-year warranty on inverters


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