About Us

Our goal is to help our customers achieve energy independence, save money on energy and set an example for a green and sustainable future.

Our MyGeneration Home & Business Solar systems offer a holistic approach to ensure that Solar, Batteries, Energy Controllers and Data Monitoring & Analytics are custom designed to match the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.

This tailored approach to Solar Power & Energy Management means we are able to offer superior value and service to our clients by optimising the performance and payback of each individual system.

We Are:

  • 100% New Zealand owned and operated
  • A Solar Power & Energy Management solution provider
  • Experienced in Home, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar PV
  • Passionate about renewable energy and optimistic about the role Solar power will play in the New Zealand’s energy mix
  • A reliable source of information, technical support and guidance for Solar Power systems


New Zealand Solar Power is a renewable energy and energy management systems provider. Our mission is to be the best energy solution provider in New Zealand for residential and commercial applications. We strive to provide customers with a superior solar energy management solution, taking into account their individual needs and circumstances.


We see great potential for Solar Power to make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s energy supply. 
Our ultimate vision is to see New Zealand powered by 100% renewable energy. Through our tailored customer-based approach,  together with our clients we believe we can help make significant progress to reach that target. 


We pride ourselves on our depth of experience in the Solar industry and our team has experience in Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar. Through our collective experiences in the industry, we’re able to offer high quality, long lasting systems, custom designed to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Here’s a selection of some projects done by the team members at New Zealand Solar Power:

3kWp Hybrid System

Bucklands Beach, New Zealand

10kWp Workshop

Brookby, Auckland

40kWp UN ESCAP Building

Bangkok, Thailand

18MWp Solar Farm

Ayutthaya, Thailand


A solar power, electric vehicle and eco living enthusiast, Andrew has been working in the solar industry for 11 years in residential, commercial and utility scale projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

He returned to his home in New Zealand with the objective of helping kiwi households and businesses save on energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and take steps towards energy independence. 

His ambition is to help kiwis make informed decisions about solar power. If you want advice on how solar energy can benefit your home or business, contact him on O8OO 85O 888. 


We believe that businesses have an obligation to give back to the community and we are currently looking for involvement in meaningful projects. Drop us a message if you have a project in mind.  

Easy to deal with and very happy with the process and final result. We had a consultation at our property and were explained the costs, benefits and types of systems. 

Jim & Mary

Bucklands Beach, Auckland

Very knowledgeable, we appreciated the straightforward, no nonsense approach. 

Shay & Miku

Pakuranga, Auckland

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