BYD Batteries

  • LiFePO4 Battery Technology from the world’s largest EV manufacturer
  • Modular/Stackable Design
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Natural Cooling System
  • 10 year product and performance degradation warranty

BYD is a high-tech company devoted to technological innovations for a better life. Founded in February 1995, BYD has grown from a start-up with only 20 employees into a global company with 240 thousand employees today. Throughout its 24 years of high-speed growth, BYD has established over 30 industrial parks across six continents and has played a significant role in industries related to electronics, automobiles, new energy and rail transit. From energy generation and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy solutions. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, with revenue and market capitalization each exceeding RMB 100 billion.

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Sungrow Batteries

  • Lithium Ion technology, 4.8kWh each (use upto 3 units on a Sungrow hybrid inverter)
  • High reliability and safety with prismatic cells from Samsung
  • Robust BMS provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level
  • 95% depth of discharge to maximise the usable capacity
  • Smart hibernation technology to maintain battery state of health
  • 10 year product and performance degradation warranty

Sungrow is a global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables with over 49 GW installed worldwide as of June 2017. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Renxian Cao, Sungrow is a global leader in research and development in solar inverters, with numerous patents and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter systems as well as energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications. With a 20-year track record of growth and success, Sungrow’s products are available in over 50 countries, maintaining a market share of around 25 % in Germany and over 15 % globally.


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Shoto Lead Carbon

  • Lead Carbon battery technology
  • Reliable and long-term track record
  • High Cycling performance
  • Cost effective storage option

Shoto is an industry leading Chinese Battery Manufacturer and R&D Company that provides energy solutions for various markets including renewable energy, communications, rail, aviation, military and civil applications. Shoto batteries are sold in over 80 countries worldwide and they invest heavily in research and development of energy solutions to suit almost any application. Shoto battery products can be custom designed and mounted into racking, housings and containers to provide a turn key storage solution for off-grid applications. With a socially responsible approach to manufacturing, Shoto was awarded as the industry’s only honour winner of the China Friendly Environment Enterprise award due to their clean production and manufacturing process which reduces usage of water, electricity, acid and noise pollution to produce products that are as environmentally friendly as possible

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Solar Energy System Storage Batteries in Auckland, NZ

A solar energy system comprises a number of components. This includes solar panels which collect energy from the sun, and inverters which convert that energy into AC power that you can use in your home.

However, the sun does not shine consistently. It doesn’t shine at all during the night, and the strength of the sun’s rays can be significantly reduced by clouds and other environmental factors. This reduces the amount of power the solar panels can collect.

As a result, a solar energy system in your home will collect an excess amount of power at certain times, while at other times there won’t be enough.

Traditionally, during periods of excess power generation, your system will export the unneeded electricity to the grid where you will get a credit to offset future purchases. Those future purchases occur during times when your solar energy system doesn’t produce enough power.

The following is a typical example:

  • Excess energy collected during the day is imported to the grid
  • You use power from the grid at night as your system isn’t collecting any

This not efficient and it means you are still reliant on the electricity grid and are subject to fluctuating electricity prices.

Battery energy storage systems, however, are the solution. They are becoming more common, with many people now choosing to add solar batteries to their NZ solar energy system.

With a battery energy storage system, excess power collected by your solar panels is stored in batteries which you can then use later. For example, you can use the energy stored in batteries to charge your electric car or provide electricity for your home during the night.

Best Range of Solar Power Storage Batteries in Auckland, NZ

We see batteries as being a core component of the future of solar energy in New Zealand. This is why all our inverters are battery ready. It’s also why we offer the best range of solar power storage batteries, with options available from all leading brands.

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