Off Grid Solar

Off Grid Solar Power Auckland NZ

Our team is experienced in delivering offgrid projects, involving detailed design, installation and maintenance. 

Offgrid Solar is quite different to on-grid solar and in designing a system, the following needs to be taken into account:  

  • Summer and Winter Solar Production
  • Detailed Electrical Consumption for both Summer and Winter
  • Suitability sized Bi-directional Inverter/Solar Charge Controller
  • Battery Technology, Lifespan and Depth of Discharge
  • Backup Generator and autostart triggers to protect the batteries
  • Surge power of electrical devices
  • Possible expandability in future
Offgrid installations require in-depth calculations and customer consultation in order to get it right in terms of requirements and technology. We carry out a thorough analysis of your energy consumption pattern and recommend the most appropriate size, type of system.

Experts for Off Grid Solar Power System Installations in Auckland

We offer the following services to Off-grid solar customers:

  • Detailed load analysis and system design
  • Procurement of high quality materials and equipment
  • Installation of systems in accordance with customer requirements and best industry practice
  • Provide operations and maintenance service to ensure a high level of performance
  • We offer high quality solar modules and proven inverter manufactures for a long life system
  • Remote monitoring for easy system performance assessment and easy fault finding

Previous Offgrid Projects:

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Northland, New Zealand

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Kaiwaka, Auckland

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